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The Redeeming a Sound module written and taught by Dan McCollam covers theological foundations for redeeming sounds, musical styles and instruments in nations.

We can often think of certain styles and sounds as 'demonic'. This thought has led many to lay down their Indigenous instruments or their own authentic sound to copy what is popular or what is more acceptable in Western Culture.

But what if God created those instruments, songs and sounds? Instead of silencing the sound of the people, what if He wants to redeem it? What if He wants to put His song in the sound of the people? Instead of copying someone else’s sound, what if God is trying to use the heartfelt art of a nation to win the heart of the nation back to Himself?

This principle also applies not just to Indigenous people groups but in churches and communities that have a strong worship culture. Many artists are hiding their true talents, buried under what is most popular, thinking their own expression is not worthy, needed or 'meets the standards'. We are living in a momentous time in history where great songs are changing atmospheres in a supernatural powerful way.

This is needed, valued and powerful....when it's not at the expense of you releasing your own sound. Your voice is needed. It's time for what you have to be released. This course will show you how, but also give you scriptural foundations for why it's so important.

In this 12 week course students will:

  • Learn foundational truths for redeeming a sound;
  • Identify what is the new song of the Lord and why it is needed;
  • Understand and overturn atmospheres through worship;
  • Understand the importance of reconciliation;
  • Learn how to worship bigger than the room;
  • Understand frequency, resonance and entrainment and how it relates to worship;
  • Obtain tools to help develop relationships with others of the same heart;
  • Learn how to put on a resource event for people groups you have a heart for;
  • Examine recording and distribution options;
  • Understand The Function and Authority of the New Song in the Three Heavens.

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  1. Sing the new song of the Lord with authority and understanding;
  2. Overturn atmospheres through worship;
  3. Research the cultural music of a nation;
  4. Conduct a resource event (conference, concert etc);
  5. Gain confidence to release your own authentic sound;

Redeeming a Sound is a great foundational course for any worship and arts ministry.

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