Course Description

A Word From Roma Waterman

Are you stuck in a creative rut? Have you been stuck in a rut creatively?

Do you have inhibitions and fears, maybe even boredom, that stops you from starting projects?
Do you feel irrelevant, too young or too old, or feel you don't have anything to offer?
Maybe you have a dream to sing, write, dance, play an instrument – but don't know where to start.
Sure there's the discipline of your craft – but what about the mindset? How do you gain the confidence you need to be what you really wish to be?
I've been there, I know what that feels like. I love to sing. But there's been seasons in my life where I was frustrated because I would get to a certain point and then get....well bored.
Many times I didn't start things because I was scared. Scared of failing, scared I wasn't good enough. I would wonder if I really had what it takes to make a difference, reach people, have an impact.
Sometimes, I even just wondered if I was simply just getting too old.
That's when I decided to write the book which created this course.
I spent two years studying, spending time in prayer and reflection to find out what really makes me tick, and what really creates expressions that make a difference not just in others, but in me.
I wanted to know how I could be truly and completely creatively fulfilled.
And I am here to say – YES! There IS more!
I've discovered that it doesn't matter how old young you are, you were designed to feel creatively stimulated, to love what you do and be the true artist you were born to be.
That's what this course is about. It's about getting you out of a creative rut.
I believe this course will give you the tools you need, and the community you need to help you move forward and dream bigger.
You CAN be creatively fulfilled and create art that has influence.
You CAN overcome the fears that have stopped you in the past.
Move forward and get out of a creative slump! Say goodbye to being stuck in a rut, to fears and inhibitions.

Who is this course for?

Artists in all creative forums -Painters, dancers, songwriters, poets, singers – who have a passion to influence the arts in and outside of the church – God's way.

What will you learn?
  • Examine the attributes of God's character as the great artist and how to have those characteristics in your own art expression;
  • Learn the principles of quantum physics, our unique DNA from a scientific perspective and the power of sound to give you greater foundation in your creative life;
  • Learn the importance of discipline;
  • Release forgiveness to expand your creativity ;
  • Activate the prophetic;
  • Learn how to be a God artist beyond church walls;
  • Study of the tabernacle and how it reflects us as artists;
  • Study the arts throughout history from the beginning, to the renaissance era, the Hippie and Jesus movements, to modern day Christian music and worship genres;
  • Identify what you can learn from history to move forward with influence;
  • Be given tools to help you create space to focus more on your artistic medium;
  • Create something to present to the rest of the class.

What is the Course Format?

12 Week course (although you can start and finish it whenever you want. If you want to finish it quicker you can or you can take your time);

Weekly readable pdf's, videos, journal and action points for you to do every week;

An end of course creative piece to present

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    God As The Great Artist

  • 3

    The Importance Of Discipline

    • 2GA WEEK 2 - The importance of discipline

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 4

    The Artist & Forgiveness

    • 3GA- Week 3 - Unforgiveness

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 5

    The Artist As Prophets

    • 4GA-Week 4 The artist as prophets

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 6

    The Tabernacle

    • 5GA Week 5 - The Tabernacle

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 7

    The Power Of Sound

    • 6GA-week 6 DNA and the power of sound

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 8

    The Artist & The World

    • 7GA - Week 7 The Artist and the world

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 9

    The Artist & History Part 1

    • 8GA- week 8 - THE ARTIST AND HISTORY

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 10

    The Artist & History Part 2

    • 9GA-Week 9 The artist and history

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 11

    The Artist & History Part 3

    • 10GA - Week 10 – The Artist and History - Romanticism and science

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 12

    The Christian Music Industry

    • 11GA - week 11 - the christian music industry

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 13

    What Can We Learn From The Past

    • 12GA - Lesson 12 - What we can learn from the past and conclusion

    • Journal & Action Points

  • 14

    Conclusion & Assessments

    • GA Conclusion

    • Assessments

    • Final Words From Roma