Course Description

An 8 week video course on living in the supernatural.  Learn about the Spirit, how to hear God's voice, how to move in miracles, prophecy, to seek revival and know divine encounters.

Accompanied by discussion sheets for each session.

Ideal for small groups.

Husband, Dad, Author, Broadcaster, Songwriter, Senior Minister of Revive Church

Jarrod Cooper

Jarrod Cooper is an author, songwriter, broadcaster & communicator, and is privileged to lead Revive Church in Hull & East Yorkshire.Inspirational in style, he uses speech, song, worship and prophetic ministry, in an inspiring, challenging and  humorous way to encourage the Church to reach higher in God. This work has taken him throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and the Americas since 1990, speaking at churches, conferences, on television and radio and through writing and producing training and coaching materials.His main passion is that “the glory of the Lord would cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea”, and seeks to lift believers to a life in the supernatural, that will display God’s presence and power in every day life.Jarrod has been involved in producing over twenty albums, including eleven solo albums, and the song he is probably most known for writing, King of kings, Majesty  has featured consistently for over a decade, as one of the top 10 worship songs sung in the United Kingdom (CCLI). His weekly radio & TV teaching programs REVIVE and Days of Wonder broadcast in many nations weekly and he has authored several books, including “500: Are we entering a new era of glory?” – “Stronger” –  “When Spirit & Word Collide” and “Glory in the Church’.He has led Revive Church since 2005, and in that time it has grown from 1 location to 9, with a vision to bring life to 20 locations by 2020. Revive Church is presence filled, prophetic, pioneering and passionate and is fast becoming an apostolic resource centre for leaders, for training, for missions, for church planting and inspiring revival. Revive Church is the home of Colombia ChildCare UK, a ministry birthed by the remarkable David Taylor, which educates, feeds, bring medical care and the Gospel to over 1500 children every week.Jarrod is married to Victoria and they have one young son, Zachary. Vicky co-leads Revive’s Worship Academy and Online School and is creative, artistic & an amazing wife and mother!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    About This Course

    • Please Read Me

  • 2

    1: Divine Climate Change

    • Jarrod Cooper - Days of Wonder - Ep 1

    • DOW S1

  • 3

    2: Boldness For Broken People

    • Jarrod Cooper - Days of Wonder - Ep 2

    • DOW S2

  • 4

    3: How To Perform A Miracle

    • Jarrod Cooper - Days of Wonder - Ep 3

    • DOW S3

  • 5

    4: Miracle Blockers - Fear

    • Jarrod Cooper - Days of Wonder - Ep 4

    • DOW S4

  • 6

    5: Miracle Blockers - Religion

    • Jarrod Cooper - Days of Wonder - Ep 5

    • DOW S5

  • 7

    6: Miracle Blockers - Self Disqualification

    • Jarrod Cooper - Days of Wonder - Ep 6

    • DOW S6

  • 8

    7: How To Hear God's Voice

    • Jarrod Cooper - Days of Wonder - Ep 7

    • DOW S7

  • 9

    8: The Power Of Praise

    • Jarrod Cooper - Days of Wonder - Ep 8

    • DOW S8