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Download and listen to all of the main and breakout sessions from our Revival Kids Leaders Conference 2019. Speakers include Andrew Murray, Jarrod & Vicky Cooper, Matt & Emily Phelps-Jones, Bruce Dyer and much more....

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Revive Academy of Leadership and the Arts exists to propel you into that great adventure equipped, supported, capable and connected.Inspiring RevivalOur vision is to inspire fresh waves of powerful revival across our region, the nation and the world, through missions, media, the arts, church planting, new campuses and ministries. We want to see the greatest auditoriums in our lands filled with people experiencing God’s glory. We want to build healthy, growing, influential churches. We are praying to see the most powerful days in Church history in our own life-time!Do you carry that same call? Then perhaps you should join us.There is a varied selection of ways Revive Academy can support you in your development, depending on your availability, age, gifts and calling:Revive Academy Full Time College – Training and releasing a generation of revivalists.Short Courses – Our weekly evening classes in various subjects.Online Courses – Learn and develop online around your home and work life.Coaching – Join our team for a year of incredible coaching and experiences.Have a look around our site and get in touch if you think a life of adventure is for you!Jarrod & Vicky CooperFounders of Revive AcademyRevive Church, Bridlington Ave, Kingston upon Hull. HU2 0DU.United Kingdom.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Children as Revivalists - Andrew Murray

    • 2019-06-15-MainHall-Session1-AndrewMurray

  • 2

    Building culture: Youth Stream - Andrew Murray

    • 2019-06-15-MainHall-BreakoutSession1-AndrewMurray

  • 3

    Planning for powerful teaching - Emily Phelps-Jones

    • 2019-06-15-DanceStudio-BreakoutSession1-EmilyPJ

  • 4

    Creating a culture of honour for nurturing children's spiritual growth - Leonie Webster

    • 2019-06-15-Atrium-BreakoutSession1-LeonieWebster

  • 5

    Family Outreach: Building the bridges to community

    • 2019-06-15-Lounge-BreakoutSession1-LittleAngelsTeam

  • 6

    Healthy Team Cultures - Jarrod Cooper

    • 2019-06-15-MainHall-BreakoutSession2-JarrodCooper

  • 7

    How do we see our children released into the prophetic? - Emily Phelps-Jones

    • 2019-06-15-DanceStudio-BreakoutSession2-EmilyPJ

  • 8

    CONNECTED: Youth Stream - Matt Phelps-Jones

    • 2019-06-15-Atrium-BreakoutSession2-MattPJ

  • 9

    Family Outreach: Strength for the journey

    • 2019-06-15-Lounge-BreakoutSession2-LittleAngelsTeam

  • 10

    Believe & Confess For Kids - Vicky Cooper

    • 2019-06-15-MainHall-BreakoutSession3-VickyCooper

  • 11

    Shaping the arrows: Team building Through Prayer - Sola Olafimihan

    • 2019-06-15-DanceStudio-BreakoutSession3-SolaOlafimihan

  • 12

    THE ‘X’ FACTOR: Youth Stream - Matt Phelps-Jones

    • 2019-06-15-Atrium-BreakoutSession3-MattPJ

  • 13

    It's not just Sport, it's skills for life!: Youth leaders - Bruce Dyer

    • 2019-06-15-Lounge-BreakoutSession3-Bruce Dyer

  • 14

    Q & A - Jarrod Cooper, Bruce Dyer, Matt & Emily Phelps-Jones

    • 2019-06-15-MainHall-Session2-1-Q_A

  • 15

    Final Session - Emily Phelps-Jones & Jarrod Cooper

    • 2019-06-15-MainHall-Session2-2-EmilyPJ

    • 2019-06-15-MainHall-Session2-3-JarrodCooper