Building A Powerful Interior World Price: £50 | taught by Revive Academy

Course description

Life can be tough! The Bible likens it to a race. Now starting the race is the easy bit. Have you noticed yet that finishing this race isn’t going to be nearly as easy, fun or dreamy, as starting it?!

Building genuine strength and resilience for the journey ahead is necessary to complete the race of your life, without getting shipwrecked along the way.

Perhaps you have a vision, but you can also be quite insecure. Perhaps you have gifts from God, and yet you’re thin-skinned and easily offended, and this rocks you to your core. Are you too easily distracted, discouraged, ill-disciplined or just ill?

This course is all about where we find strength. Jarrod writes that “God provides us with strength builders along our path” – some we need to pick up and use, others will simply happen to us along the way, by a kind of divine providence. But knowing these seasons of muscle building are from heaven (‘cos they usually look like they’re from hell at first!) is vital to recognising God’s plan for your resilience.

If you have a desire to develop strength for your life – to protect your marriage or enjoy singleness, to fulfil your vision or grow your career, to enjoy a long life and keep your integrity, then this course is just for you!

So what's in the course?

  • Downloadable chapters of Jarrod's book "Stronger"
  • Over 15 hours of downloadable audio and video teaching from Jarrod Cooper
  • Journalling
  • Group discussions

Who is this course for?

Anyone wanting to build genuine spiritual inner strength and resilience for their God-given destiny.

Course Chapters

  • Introduction
  • Weakness Is Boring!
  • The Power Of Perseverance
  • Don't Run From Resistance
  • The Flexible, Flourish
  • Building A Firm Foundation
  • The Power Of Your Thoughts
  • Embarrass Sin Before It Embarrasses You!
  • Living In Your Grace Zone
  • Two Are Better
  • Skill Magnifies Strength
  • The Power Of Habit
  • Clothed With Strength
Revive Academy
Revive Academy
Leadership & the Arts

Revive Academy of Leadership and the Arts exists to propel you into that great adventure equipped, supported, capable and connected.

Inspiring Revival

Our vision is to inspire fresh waves of powerful revival across our region, the nation and the world, through missions, media, the arts, church planting, new campuses and ministries. We want to see the greatest auditoriums in our lands filled with people experiencing God’s glory. We want to build healthy, growing, influential churches. We are praying to see the most powerful days in Church history in our own life-time!

Do you carry that same call? Then perhaps you should join us.

There is a varied selection of ways Revive Academy can support you in your development, depending on your availability, age, gifts and calling:

  • Revive Academy Full Time College – Training and releasing a generation of revivalists.
  • Short Courses – Our weekly evening classes in various subjects.
  • Online Courses – Learn and develop online around your home and work life.
  • Coaching – Join our team for a year of incredible coaching and experiences.

Have a look around our site and get in touch if you think a life of adventure is for you!

Jarrod & Vicky Cooper
Founders of Revive Academy
Revive Church, Bridlington Ave, Kingston upon Hull. HU2 0DU.
United Kingdom.

Course Curriculum

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Weakness is Boring!
Journal 1
Beating Weakness 1-HD
Beating Weakness 2-HD
Be Bold, Be Strong!
Beating Weakness Discussion
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Journal 2
Restoring Passion Part 1-HD
Restoring Passion Part 2-HD
Endurance Part 1
Endurance Part 2
Perseverance Discussion
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Don’t Run from Resistance
Journal 3
The Interior Castle - Part 1
Resistance Discussion
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The Flexible, Flourish
Journal 4
The Power of Normal audio
Flexible Discussion
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Building a Firm Foundation
Journal 5
The Interior Castle - Part 2
seasons of destiny
Foundation Discussion
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The Power of Your Thoughts
Journal 6
Winning the battle for your mind
The Interior Castle - Part 3
Power of Thought Discussion
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Embarrass Sin before it Embarrasses You!
Journal 7
Open every door
ordinary to extraordinary
What to do when it hurts
Repentance Discussion
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Living in Your Grace Zone
Journal 8
The 4 Markers Of Your Call Part 1-HD
The 4 Markers Of Your Call Part2-HD
God Given Talent
Grace Zone Discussion
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Two Are Better
Journal 9
The 7 Seven Pillars for Divine Relationships
Community Discussion
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Skill Magnifies Strength
Journal 10
A Revival Of Organisation
Growing Life Confidence
Wisdom Discussion
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The Power of Habit
Journal 11
The Divine Diary
Why the Secret Place
Habits Discussion
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Clothed with Strength
Journal 12
The Seat of Rest audio
Magnify The Lord Part 1-HD
Magnify The Lord Part 2-HD
Strength Discussion
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How did we do?
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